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E-Z Grip High Bounce Ball

Imagine… a ball with a high bounce and super grip that allows for one-handed catches! Well, look no further!
The all new E-Z Grip Ball has all of that and more! Its soft, but tough, stretchy outer web combined with a durable, inflatable inner ball provides high-bounce performance, a great grip and a fun, unique look! Measuring 15cm in diameter, these balls are E-Z to catch, EZ to throw and EZ to kick…. Available in 3 great colour combos.

Legends Pop Gun

The retro Pop Gun is a blast from the past! Kids will love playing cowboys with this pint sized popper.

With a simple pump action the Pop Gun lets off an almighty POP!!!


It is believed that the Diabolo dates back over 4,000 years and continues to entertain to this day.
Suspended on a string between fibreglass sticks, the Diabolo balances by spinning.
A huge variety of tricks are possible using the Diabolo once mastered, these can include spins, grind, bounce, throw and catch the Diabolo.

Whether you are looking to develop coordination skills, after a bit of fun or training for the circus! Get your hands on a Diabolo for a whole lotta fun!

Wet Head

Fill the Wet Head with cold water, strap on the hat and cross your fingers.
Spin the top and start to pray, as another player removes one of the eight plugs.
Hold your breath…didn’t get soaked? Lucky you…..
Pass the Wet Head to the next player and now you get to pull the plug on them!
You can feel the tension mount. Will you be the next Wet Head?

Spinnex Game Pack

  • Includes 2 x Challenge levels
  • Unique Spin technology, designed for wind resistance
  • High performance bounce
  • Play anywhere!
  • Watch the TVC

Spinnex, the game changer. Featuring a patented original wing design that produces a spinning action thereby improving accuracy, & length of shots, even in windy conditions.

The different speed levels require the players to develop their skills level and improve at the game.
Level-1 : FUN this shuttle is the largest with a wing span developed to create the basic speed, playable in a short distance

Level-2 : PRO this is the smallest, fastest, travels the longest distance and accurate in windy conditions.

Spinnex Game pack and Refill pack, in stores now.


Spinnex Refill Pack

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